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Import, export of requested /scheduled activities

Since you are working on updating the scheduler. Can you please also look at the import/ export scheduler functionality. At this moment it misses field. So you can use it, but after the import you need to update every single one. Which make the importer not so handy. 

  • Elma van den Top
  • Sep 12 2017
  • Planned
  • Sep 19, 2017

    Admin Response

    There are 2 tools to batch scheduling audis:

    1 - older - import/export schedule tool.  This allows you to partially schedule an audit to the holding pen, or fully schedule an audit with the date and auditor for a location.  The main fields this is missing is requested dates, notes, and internal notes.  This is an older tool that didn't previously utilize those fields.

    2 - newer within last 1-2 years - batch schedule tool.  This interface allows you to partially schedule an audit to go into the REQUESTED AUDITS queue.  It allows you to select the location(s), form, type and timeframe.  But you would need to complete the schedule online by adding the actual schedule date and auditor. 

    The new design should consider:  1) partially scheduling an audit to go to the REQUESTED AUDITS queue in case further handling is desired, and 2) fully scheduling an audit to go to the SCHEDULED AUDITS queue as a scheduled audit for a location and auditor.  

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